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We're a leading organisation in the UK's energy revolution

The energy revolution

Nottingham City Council is a leading organisation in the energy revolution; generating green energy and installing and developing the latest technology to reduce energy consumption.

The council’s award winning Energy Services is the driving force behind this activity, delivering projects that ensure the council and our customers have access to a secure and affordable energy supply; reducing operational costs, risks and environmental impacts.

For Nottingham City Council we have...

Delivered over 12 MW of Solar PV including the UK’s first publicly owned solar car ports

Developed an energy investment model which returns over £800k per year

Developed and delivered an award winning energy efficiency programme within heritage buildings

Developed business models for innovative energy technology to generate new commercial returns

Ensured compliance, assessed performance and delivered improvements in over 6,000 commercial and operational buildings

Over the past 3 years, we have been steadily increasing our client base and replicating the successes we have had on our own estate for the benefit of our customers. By offering our services externally, not only can we generate an income stream for Nottingham City Council to reinvest back into the city but we also get to play a larger part in the UK’s move towards a clean energy future. We have worked with a diverse range of public and private sector clients to deliver increasingly complex and challenging projects across the UK. We take great pride in delivering our projects on-time, within budget and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our work has already had a significant impact on our city. Nottingham has met its 2020 climate change targets ahead of schedule and has recently been declared the smartest city for energy (Huawei index). We are proud to be supporting Nottingham to achieve its sustainability objectives and to be:

  • Generating significant income to protect frontline services
  • Procuring with local businesses to support the local economy
  • Underpinning Nottingham City Council’s environmental response; named as the most proactive public sector organisation at the Green Awards

We are really proud to have won a range of industry and public sector awards highlighting our innovative approach to low carbon energy.

By reducing operational costs and generating income for the Council, Energy Services are making a real contribution to the protection of front line services and keeping services viable for those in the most need. The large number of energy projects that they are delivering has enabled us to create a large workforce in this area creating local job opportunities in managing, installing and maintaining sustainable energy technologies.”

Cllr Sally Longford | Portfolio Holder Energy & Environment | Nottingham City Council

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We are a group of energy management consultants, renewable energy experts, engineers and project managers with the skills and experience to deliver leading edge energy management projects.

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