Accelerating Reduction in Carbon (ARC)

Helping small businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

What is the ARC project?

The Accelerating Reduction in Carbon (ARC) project aimed to help SMEs located in Greater Nottingham to decarbonise by providing a support service offering carbon reduction advice. An associated grant programme was also available to enable them to reduce their carbon emissions.

ARC aimed to accelerate companies onto the next stage of growth through the introduction of energy and resource efficiency measures to reduce operating costs, leading to increased productivity.

The project supported the reduction of carbon by businesses largely through the improvement of energy performance of buildings and production processes.

The project also supported broader decarbonisation activities by businesses such as resource efficiency and ‘smart’ energy applications. This complemented the more ‘traditional’ activities which improve energy performance such as LED lighting, improved insulation and heating/cooling systems, and production of renewable energy.

ARC was part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

About the project

The project provided advice, support and grant funding to enable eligible businesses to:

  • introduce measures which will reduce their carbon emissions
  • introduce more energy efficient equipment into production processes
  • adopt renewable energy generating technologies

The scheme closed in June 2023. Through ARC, more than £1.3m has been invested into carbon reduction measures by SMEs across Greater Nottingham.

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