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Decentralised energy systems such as district and community heating networks are becoming more popular across the UK as a source of sustainable heating. As the UK gets serious about tackling its huge heat decarbonisation challenge, heat networks are achieving a much greater focus from policy makers and developers.

The construction of a heat network is just the beginning, a viable energy supply service will require an ongoing customer service function that looks after the end user and ensures secure and accurate routes to payment. The introduction of The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations makes it even more important to consider the customer service function.

Dedicated Customer Service

Call Centre – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm with emergency call cover in place for outside of these hours.

Debt Management – We can help collect debt to reduce customer arrears.

Payment Services – Debit Card, BACs, Standing Order, Direct Debit and Prepayment.

Credit Control – We offer a credit control service to ensure you can balance the books.

Utility Billing – Heating, Hot Water, Electricity, Gas and Water.

Energy Efficiency Advice – We can help save your customers money.

Debt Advice – We can advise your customers where to go to seek financial aid and support during difficult times.

EE Monitor – We have developed our own top-of-the-range prepayment system designed to offer heat network operators a secure and cost-effective solution

Our experience

We offer a dedicated customer service and back office function to all our clients. We currently serve over 6,000 households across the UK delivering first class customer service with each interaction. We can provide a customer service and billing service that suits your needs and ensures compliance. Being a heat network operator ourselves means we can offer our expertise and knowledge to other heat networks across the UK.

New and established heat networks

We can help clients review the options for their metering and billing requirements at all stages of network development.

We work with clients at the earliest stages of design and planning for a new network to ensure that construction and technical solutions are developed around the end user and fully support the customer service function.

Many of our clients have commissioned us to take over the customer service function for existing networks. We work with clients to drive efficiencies and increase accuracy to ultimately improve the customer experience for the end user and to increase network viability.

The EEMonitor

Building on our experience of operating one of the largest district heating networks in the UK, we have become the only local authority to develop our own top-of-the-range prepayment system designed to offer heat network operators a secure and cost-effective solution.

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