Energy Management

Helping you collect and analyse energy data

Energy Management

Energy management is about knowing how and when your organisation uses power and heat so you can control your consumption; identify opportunities to reduce your energy demand, reduce costs and spot where it is being wasted.

We can help you collect and analyse energy data to achieve a line of sight to your usage to ultimately reduce costs, reduce your carbon emissions, and reduce your risk. This will be increasingly important as costs for energy rise.

Many organisations without effective account management can overspend on energy accounts for a number of reasons such as being on the wrong energy tariff or due to incorrect bills being sent out by suppliers. We can look after your energy bills, and make sure that you are only paying for what you have really used so you do not overspend on energy.

With a combined experience of over 60 years in the management of energy and waste disposal contracts we are experts in delivering cost savings, overspend recovery and environmental behavioural change campaigns. We support a range of businesses from small units to multi-site operators.

We offer

Utility account management

Procurement of supply

Energy supply framework

Forensic auditing

Energy monitoring

Behavioural change

Waste disposal contract management

How can we help?

We can manage your energy needs from procurement via our supply framework, all the way through to energy monitoring of your estate to stop energy wastage.

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