Renewable Energy

Making renewable energy work for your organisation

Identifying appropriate energy sources

Renewable energy is energy that can be captured from naturally replenished resources such as sunlight, wind and water. Energy Services help organisations to develop an understanding of the most appropriate energy sources and cost effective technologies for their buildings and develop sustainable businesses models to deliver these.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Reduce costs and increase energy security

The high cost of energy has a direct effect on the prices of goods and services and many organisations are turning to renewables to mitigate against future price rises of this important resource.

Enhance CSR & green credentials

Switching to renewable energy will ensure your buildings’ reduce carbon emissions, contribute towards better air quality and reduce the demand for non-renewable fossil fuels. A recent Government survey found that almost 80% of the UK public supported renewable energy and over 70% were concerned about climate change. Developing renewable energy projects for your business is a great way of building trust and brand appreciation with your customers and stakeholders.

Meet statutory requirements

Renewable energy can help building owners ensure they meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, by installing solar systems and other renewable energy sources to improve a property’s EPC rating.

We have a range of renewable energy and technological solutions for both public and private sector organisations. Whether you are already producing some of your energy and want to develop further capacity or are new to the idea of generating your own power our team is ready to help.

Solar PV Capital Projects

Ownership of asset and energy produced
Investing in solar for your businesses will save you money. However it can be a large upfront cost and you will want to be sure that your investment is working as effectively as possible to maximise your returns. Whilst developing the business case, we follow a thorough process ensuring that all options have been considered and the shortest payback period is achieved.

Solar PV PPA

No capital outlay and a fixed low cost energy tariff.
A Power Purchase Agreement (or PPA) is suitable for customers that want the long-term financial and economic benefits of solar energy with no upfront costs. This scheme means that Nottingham City Council will provide you with a system that is designed, installed and fully maintained by us. The energy generated will be sold to you for around 25% less than the standard grid price.

Solar PV Maintenance

Ensure systems are operating at peak efficiency.
We offer bespoke after care and maintenance packages to ensure that your system is operating at its maximum potential all year round. Our proactive team can spot problems before they negatively affect expected returns and get your system back to peak performance. As well as spotting issues we’ll also be looking for opportunities to further improve system systems to increase your earnings.

Renewable subsidies: auditing & management

Support to navigate complex frameworks
There is a raft of legislation and processes to follow when claiming renewable subsidies. We can help you at all stages from identifying opportunities, setting up claims and auditing your existing estate to ensure that you are claiming all that you can.

Other renewable specialisms

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Fuel Cells
  • Energy Storage
  • Vehicle to grid

Renewable energy offers great opportunities for businesses with a large property portfolio to further utilise their assets, to generate income, reduce costs and increase the value of their buildings.

Roof top: Make your roof work harder for your business

Solar car parks: Turn this underutilised space into a money saver for your business.

Vehicle to grid: Turn your fleet into a revenue generator

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